Are You Meeting Your Clients’ Communication Expectations? Tips for the 21st Century

It’s long been touted that the key to business success is effective communication, and tech tools have the potential to improve that exponentially. Your clients are connected 24/7 and expect the same from you. Taking advantage of the right tools is a smart way to meet those expectations and keep things running smoothly.

There’s a sea of apps, platforms, and services out there, designed to meet a wide variety of needs. Some key areas for CRE are mobile apps, web feedback, and cloud storage. Meeting your clients where they are technology-wise is essential to making consistent and timely connections.

Source: Flickr user Mervi Eskelinen
Source: Flickr user Mervi Eskelinen

There can be no doubt that clients expect mobile communication, and it should be an essential element of your marketing plan. Studies have shown that people check their smartphone about every 6 minutes, on average –that’s 150 times each day. It’s the first thing that 80% of the people age 18-44 do each and every day. Harnessing that connection will get results.

Mobile apps are available to help perform a range of functions via smartphone, saving time and increasing accuracy for you and your client. In fact, we recently discussed mobile tech trends in our blog: “Top CRE Tech Trends for 2015.” These are some of the interesting apps that are out there now:

  • DocuSign- lets you upload paperwork and email it for signatures. The app then encrypts and stores the data.
  • GoConnect- free app with a very clean, mobile-friendly design; lets you easily manage leads and transactions from your phone.
  • CallFlakes- a networking app that follows up each phone call with a “productivity board” that gives you the opportunity to schedule future meetings, send an email, or search for information that’s pertinent to the call.
  • RealLync- realtime virtual property tours. Brings the property to the client instantly.

Your iPad or tablet can provide the same ability to be fully operational, no matter what your location. Apps like Property Capsule pull everything together for presentations, dynamic mapping, virtual tours, digital flyer creation, and more. It means your office can travel with you and you are ready.

New apps are appearing nearly daily, and can really boost your presence and accessibility. Incorporating a few that make the most sense for you is a very smart move.

Some other tools that facilitate communication can be tied to your webpage. Using analytics is a fairly effortless way to maintain contact with your clients by monitoring their experience on your site and giving them opportunities to submit questions or feedback.

Google Analytics is free, but provides a lot of useful information like where site visitors come from and what links they click.  Some other popular analytics platforms are Crazy Egg, ClickTale, and Olark. You can learn how far visitors scroll down on your page, which parts of the page get the most attention, and more, at a glance. Olark also includes a live chat feature that lets users submit questions or ask for help with problems. These tools make your website more responsive to the client, which is something that people expect and appreciate.

Your clients expect immediacy, accuracy, and options when it comes to communication. Keep them happy and make your own life easier by getting familiar with these tools.

What are some of the technology tools you’re using to stay in touch and meet the communication needs of your clients? For more information on how our Property Capsule suite of products can streamline your client communication, connect with our team today!


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