Never Stop Innovating: Here Comes 2015

innThe year is well underway, and commercial real estate is looking up. The game is afoot, and if you want to keep up you need tools that streamline your tasks and keep you organized. That’s where Property Capsule comes in. We work to keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to cloud-based technology that specifically targets your challenges and tasks.

Integrating technology into your business is a necessity, whether you’re talking about routine bookkeeping and office tasks, human resources, or scheduling. It streamlines operations and improves accuracy, in turn building customer confidence. When the basics are covered you’ve freed up time for the finer points of the business, which are actually most important –primarily your relationships with clients and ability to scout out new opportunities.

Your clients are increasingly accustomed to getting what they need on their own terms and timeline, when it comes to information. Playing phone tag or scheduling a distant meeting is not how things get done anymore. The more often you surprise a client by having the answer to every question and supplying all the information they need, and more, the better you look. The more productive the interaction. The smoother the deal.

Technology that’s not integrated and elegantly designed can cause as many issues as it solves. Clunky apps require entering the same information in multiple areas, or copying and pasting (or dropping…) figures, text, or photos.  You can do things like presentations, flyers and property profiles from scratch, but getting the needed stats and information into a different program can be tremendously time-consuming.  That’s why one place for all of your property information is such a beautiful thing.

Property Capsule tames the tangle of listings, contacts, maps, site plans, and presentation materials that you generate and need to have at your fingertips 24/7. You can literally have all your deals in your pocket with Property Capsule, and we’ve been working on some new features and improvements that may possibly knock your socks off, so hold on.

Our mapping and intelligence platform will provide you with dynamic tools that allow you to instantly access information on demographics, drive times, Competition and more on any listing.

Interactive Tour Books will let you pull together an impressive presentation with just a few clicks. Include maps, photos, and other resources, then share with any of your contacts, on any device.

Email a slick, professional property information summary to any contact(s) with one click. No attachments, cutting, pasting, headaches.

Big portfolio reviews become child’s play. Changes are automatically shared across your account so information is always accurate and timely.

Profiles for agents, brokers, and tenants put complete information at your fingertips: all your digits and addresses, current deals, partnerships and more.

Our Plan Editor is being rebuilt; our mobile app is being improved… We can’t stop!

Never fear, we’re not done yet. When you wow your clients and slay the competition, we win. It’s a brave new world; hop on. Learn more about the Property Capsule platform and its capabilities on our website, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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