Top 8 Apps for Real Estate Agents

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Performance in our industry depends upon making connections and recognizing opportunities. In recent years, real estate professionals have begun to take advantage of a slew of digital tools that make managing the details simple and efficient. In fact, real estate apps are among the fastest growing type of new applications, with hundreds of millions invested yearly in technology startups targeting the real estate industry.

With all of the tools out there, and new ones popping up daily, choosing the right ones for your situation can be tricky and time-consuming. We’ve assembled a list of 8 real estate apps that we think are especially useful, and may be new to you.

  1. SpeakingPhoto: This app is a great multimedia tool for listing presentations, and it also lets you provide editable audio commentary. A simple way to “turn pictures into stories.”
  2. Curb Call: This app is designed to enhance leads and agent safety. Buyers can use it to find listings that they’re interested in and then set up showings right in the app. Your location automatically shows up on your dashboard, so someone knows where you are at all times. The app even has a red Panic button that lets you immediately notify emergency contacts if things get weird.
  3. Waze: This app is a boon for on-the-go agents. Being late for appointments is unprofessional, but it can seem impossible to avoid given the traffic whims of most urban areas. Waze can ensure that you always take the quickest route, incorporating real-time traffic and weather information into route-planning functions. Waze uses the power of the crowd to help you stay on schedule. Available from the App Store or Google Play.
  4. FlowVella: This is outstanding listing presentation software, partly due to its minimalist design. It’s easy to use and is perfect for comparative market analysis presentations. You can quickly create slick presentations with video and images that will impress your prospects. The Smithsonian uses this app for presentations, so you would be in good company, and it’s free.
  5. Slack: This is an innovative messaging app for teams of any size. Great for short and long-term projects, Slack lets you set up chat rooms for the whole team and for different facets of the business. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab uses Slack, in case you need a reference. A free version is available.
  6. RescueTime: A marketing app that helps you hit your stride and stay on it, RescueTime helps you schedule and track your online marketing activities.  Coordinate your marketing email, social media activities, and blog posts all on one platform. A huge timesaver for content marketers.
  7. Evernote Scannable: Your mobile phone becomes a scanner with this handy app. No matter how we try, we’ll never be completely paperless, but you can digitize receipts, offer sheets and other vital documents in the field using Evernote Scannable.
  8. Concur: Concur is designed to simplify business travel by providing an easy way to keep track of expenses on the road. You snap pictures of your receipts in the app, and it also keeps track of your budget so you can avoid going over.

Any of these amazing tools can make your day brighter and a little more productive. Apply liberally.

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